Service Analytics Research Group

Topics for theses

Exemplary list of currently open topics for theses.


  • Agent-based simulations in service operations management - categorization and comparison
  • Iterative heuristics for the calibration of agent-based simulations.
  • Comparison of automated validation approaches for agent-based simulations.


Data analysis and forecasting

  • Data-driven analytics of booking data in railroad networks (in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn)
  • Hierarchical and composite forecasting of liquidity requirements and interest expenses in large companies (in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom)
  • Estimating decision-models for enrollments and offerings in day care.



  • Approaches for the collaborative last-mile transport of goods.
  • Pricing and profit allocation in city unions for public transport.



  • Experimental setup for evaluating the cooperation of human decision makers and algorithms in service operations management.
  • Agent-based simulation for analyzing technology acceptance models in the field of service analytics.
  • Development and evaluation of dashboards for decision support in treasury (in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom)