Service Analytics Research Group


The support provided during the consultations is limited to the clarification of questions of understanding, guidance (e.g. for setting content priorities) and general advice. It is not the task of the supervisor to show you solutions for the central research questions of your work. Effective consultation requires you to prepare well and address specific questions and concerns to your supervisor. Bring all necessary documents to the consultation, such as the current structure, relevant literature or the current status of your work.

General Guidelines for Bachelor and Master theses:

  1. Two weeks after the start of your completion period you will send your supervisor an email with:
    • the planned structure of your work
    • a list of the literature you consider relevant
    • a brief outline of the further procedure
  2. After half of the completion time has passed at the latest, you send your supervisor an email with:
    • the current state of the document of your work
    • a brief outline on the further procedure
    This document does not have to contain all of its later components at this stage but should give an impression of the structure and design of the central aspects of your work.

The supervision during the completion time is regulated as follows.