Professur für Service Analytics

Forschungsseminar Service Analytics

Blockseminar mit Vorbesprechung

Prof. Dr. Catherine Cleophas 
Lena Hörsting 



The research seminar Service Analytics considers current research topics from the areas of service science, service operations management, business analytics and revenue management. Students are offered selected research papers in the English language and/or specific research questions and data sets. Participants examine their own topic independently based on scientific standards. In individual or group projects, they produce a written report and a professional presentation to communicate their approach and findings. The active participation in discussion rounds and other participants’ presentations is part of the expected work.


The course will consider selected topics of current interest from the areas service science, service operations management, business analytics and revenue management. Exemplary application domains include health care, tourism, and transport.


Participants gain experience in
  • Independently exploring a new research domain based on a thorough literature research.
  • Considering a sophisticated research question through individual work and team work.
  • Communicating their approach and insight through a report that adheres to scientific and professional standards.
  • Communicating their approach and insight through a clear and well-designed presentation



  • None



An initial reading list is individually assigned per module and student. Further literature should be discovered as part
of the literature research.


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