Professur für Service Analytics

Service Process Modeling

Vorlesung mit Übung für Bachelorstudierende

Prof. Dr. Catherine Cleophas (Vorlesung)
Peyman Kazemi (Übung)



The service sector plays a significant role in the economy and comes with its own operational challenges. In this course, participants consider process planning and automation in the service sector with specific emphasis on simulation modelling. They get to examine a case model of service operations and implement it in a simulation model using software software such as Anylogic.


The course will cover basic topics of service operations, such as:
  • Queue design
  • Vehicle routing and scheduling
  • Inventory management
The course will cover basic methodologies of simulation modelling, such as
  • Process modelling
  • Discrete event-driven simulation
  • Agent-based simulation
  • Stochastic simulation


Participants gain theoretical background knowledge in the areas outlined in the course content
They also gain hands-on experience in applying these concepts to implement a simulation model and present experiments and results.



  • None



  • Bordoloi et al., Service Management
  • Laguna, Marklund, Business Process Modeling, Simulation and Design
  • Further literature is announced during the module


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