Service Analytics Research Group

Topic Assignment

Subject areas

The professorship supervises seminar, bachelor and master theses on topics in the field of business analytics, especially predictive and prescriptive planning in service operations management. More information on the current research of the professorship can be found  here

Within the scope of seminar and bachelor theses, students describe and critically evaluate existing models and procedures. Exemplary calculations on these models are used to foster understanding.
Within the scope of master theses, students are further expected to contribute to the development of existing models and procedures or to the transfer of existing approaches to novel problems. For this purpose, you will implement your models and methods in a suitable software system (e.g. Net Logo, Arena Simulation, Gurobi, IBM Cplex) or programming language (e.g. Python) and perform meaningful computational experiments to investigate the problem.

Selection of topics for theses

For your thesis  you can either choose a given topic or suggest an own topic. 

Working on a given topic

  • A list of currently available topics can be found here. Please contact Prof. Dr. Cleophas to be informed about possible other topics.
  • In order to find a suitable topic, please indicate which of our courses you have attended so far and where your interests lie. 
  • The topics are assigned “first come first serve”. It is not possible to reserve topics.

Suggestion of an own topic

  • The proposed topic must fit the problem areas of the professorship!
  • Create a brief description (including problem definition, objectives, time schedule, basic literature), which you bring to the consultation appointment.
  • In any case, it is up to the professorship to decide whether a topic meets the scientific requirements for a bachelor or master thesis.


Allocation of Topics