Service Analytics Research Group

Notes on Content


  • At the beginning of your research, formulate the research question(s) in your own words. Make sure that the questions you formulate actually address the topic you are working on. During the course of your work, always make sure that your content is actually relevant to answering the research question.
  • Every scientific work requires an independent literature research. This also applies if you have been given an entry source on the topic or if you are working on a problem for a company. Especially in the case of practical problems, it is the task of your scientific work to research solution approaches available in the literature and test their applicability to the practical problem
  • Define technical terms as well as mathematical parameters, variables and functions at their first appearance in the text. Readers of your work must immediately be aware of the meaning of a particular term or mathematical quantity in your work.
  • Explain the contents of each figure in the text. The same applies for tables, attachments, and formulas.


  • As it is common for essays in scientific journals, an abstract summarizing the research question, approach and the most important results on half a page at the maximum should precede your paper.
  • The introduction of your work should encourage the reader to read on. Motivate your topic and clearly state the problem. At the end of the introduction, briefly explain the structure of your paper.
  • In the main part, make sure that you describe all contents in a comprehensible and formally correct manner. Work out concrete results! You should explain and illustrate modelling techniques and solution procedures using own examples. You have to show that you have understood these things on the one hand, while on the other hand, you have to enable the reader to fully comprehend your remarks.
  • The conclusion should summarize the contents and gained insights of your work, critically evaluate your own work and state possible future developments.