Service Analytics Research Group

Seminar Business Analytics

Block seminar including a preliminary talk for bachelor students

Prof. Dr. Catherine Cleophas 
Peyman Kazemi 



The Bachelor Research Seminar Business Analytics considers basic problems of business analytics, predominantly in application areas from the service domain. The students work independently on assigned research projects according to scientific standards. The results are documented in a written report as well as in an oral presentation. Thus, this research seminar directly prepares students for the work on the Bachelor thesis. Mentoring from members of the research group aim to ensure the learning success. Finally, presenting the findings and discussing them with other students strengthen the students’ communication skills.


The research seminar considers a variety of topics from business analytics, including applications of data analysis, simulation modelling, and optimisation. The primary focus will be application areas from the service domain. Specific topics will be announced for each seminar.


  • Students can immerse themselves in a given topic based on their independently conducted literature research.
  • Students are able to tackle a given research task alone or in teams.
  • Students can document their approach as well as their findings in the written form of a comprehensible and thorough report.
  • Students can present their approach and findings in a coherent fashion to their peers.



  • None



First literature sources for each topic are announced in the first seminar session. The students are expected to find further relevant literature during their work on the seminar thesis.


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