Service Analytics Research Group

E-Fulfillment for Attended Last-Mile Delivery Services in Metropolitan Areas

This is a joint project with Prof. Dr. Ehmke (OVGU Magdeburg). The project focuses on the planning of attended last-mile delivery services. Last-mile delivery services such as recently available food delivery in Germany (e.g. AllYouNeedFresh, Bringmeister, REWE) offer comfortable food delivery within a customer chosen time window. The time of order delivery is frequently the sole physical contact between e-commerce supplier and customer. Therefore, this event is decisive with regard to customer satisfaction and perceived product quality. History shows: When delivery services are not realized in an efficient and customer-oriented manner, the underlying business model is not competitive. Particularly in metropolitan areas, logistics service providers have to rise to the challenge of successfully planning attended last-mile delivery services considering uncertain demand and traffic conditions. In metropolitan areas, the high population density offers great potential for e-commerce, while the varying traffic conditions increase uncertainty of delivery.

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Simulation laboratory for evaluating new planning approaches in attended deliveries